Tuesday, August 6, 2013

see yah later.

Social networking can be good and bad.  I have decided to remove myself from some of the social networking sites I currently belong too.  I have nixed twitter, facebook and now my blog.  I feel like I spend way too much time reporting on my life [and snooping through other people’s lives] instead of just living life.  I’ve been debating doing this with my blog for a bit.  I used to love reporting on all my craftiness and kitty cuteness, but now it feels more like a chore than anything else.  And honestly, if I’m going to blog, I don’t want to do it half assed; I want to have both feet firmly planted in the blogs [which have been seriously lacking care and consideration lately].  I feel like the time I used to spend blogging is better spent crafting, reading or loving on the kitties or just living my life.  I am retaining the following social networking sites, so feel free to find me there:
Instagram: gnomecat
Pinterest: Jen Mesger
Goodreads: Jen Mesger
It’s been real.

Monday, July 8, 2013

I solemnly swear I will NOT buy another set of mushroom canisters!

I had a few days off over the fourth so I decided to get my junk on.  I went junking with the husband one day and we found this amazing mushroom canister.  I seriously couldn't pass it up because it was only $5.  However, it is seriously a monstrosity! 
Then the bestie and I spent an afternoon junking around town.  Look at my awesome finds!
Soup tureen - $14
Corning ware cookware - $2-4 a piece
Skillet with lid - $2
McKoy spice of life cup - $4
Table cloth - $6
I'm seriously in love with this table cloth.  I wish the husband didn't hate table cloths so much [constant battle between us] but I plan on using it regardless!
I had so much fun junking with the husband and the bestie.  The bestie and I always find the best things together.  I'm thankful she is living closer and we can spend many years junking together! 
Of course, after buying all the new junk, I had to rearrange the entire kitchen.  The new canister was too big to go anywhere but the counter.  So I had to find a home for the old canisters.  Then I ended up rearranging everything above my cabinets and inside of cabinets to get everything to fit properly.  Oh well, always good to give the junk a good cleaning and rearrange.  Keeps life from being boring!
I also made an oath this weekend [after counting my mushroom canister sets and concluding I have four of them!] that I will not buy or accept another set of mushroom canisters! [However, all other mushroom paraphernalia is accepted!

Birthday Celebrations; Family Style

Blogging is starting to feel like a chore lately.  I've honestly contempated quitting the blog thing.  However, I like to see my life compiled somehow, so I think I'll keep it around.  I think I just need someone to blog for me [haha!].  Anyway, this is how I spent two weekends ago.
Firstly, we bought a truck.  Yea.  Car shopping is the worst so I was glad it only took about a week to find THE truck.  The husband is in love.
We then went to a bar-b-que at my parents to celebrate my birthday a week early.  We started with yummy fruity drinks. Mmmmmm.
My birthday presents!
The cutest vintage sewing table!
My very own quilting frame.  Get ready for some serious hand quilting!
My sister scored me a mess of mushroom goodness! 
I was refilling drinks when my father opened one of the kitchen cabinets when I noticed this lovely crock pot nestled in the cabinet.  I immediately pulled it out and declared it mine.  In fact, it is cooking a roast today.  [I did promise my mom I would buy her a new one!]
Sometimes, you just want to take pictures in the rain. [After holding the umbrella over the husband so he could "work" on his truck.]
Honestly, the birthdays just keep getting better!!!! 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Woodland Sampler; Half Way Point!

  If you recall, in January, I joined my first cross stitch group—the woodland sampler, hosted by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery.  This group has been a blast.  I get super excited each 1st day of the month when a new pattern is released.  And once I finally got started [sometime in February…] I’ve managed to stay caught up on this project.  We are officially half way done!
I loved this group so much; I decided to participate in the Springtime Sampler [which I am obviously behind on].  I am working furiously on this project the last few days because the Summer Sampler has been released and I would really like to work on the season in that season.  Hopefully a week or so of hard stitching and I’ll be close to starting the Summer Sampler.
I have purchased the Winter Sampler [which I plan on doing this winter..haha] and they are going to release a Fall Sampler [shocker?].  My plans are to stitch up all four seasons of sampler and make the cutest wall hanging out of it or something.  Although, as you probably guessed, it will take me a good year to finish this project.  [Aren’t long projects the best?]

Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Snap Wallet!

Usually it seems I spend the majority of my time working on large projects; large as in size and long as in time consuming.  I’ve been trying to come up with a few smaller, afternoon type projects.  The first on my list was a new wallet.  I’ve been rocking a lot of cross body bags this year, which are pretty small purses.  None of my wallets fit properly so I decided to make my own.  After lots of google searches, I found the perfect bi-fold wallet tutorial.  A couple of short hours later, I had me a finished wallet.  Since this was my first time using the pattern, it is definately not perfect, but it is very functional and cute, and has soooo many different pockets.  The only part of the tutorial I changed was I installed a snap instead of making a button hole and adding a button.  This was also my first time installing snaps.  It is a very easy process, but it involves a hammer!!
I have a few other smaller projects planned.  I spent Sunday cutting out a tablet case and more quilted hotpads. I find the cutting process very time consuming.  Not only do you have to cut out the fabric pieces but all the batting and interfacing that goes with it. 
Although I will always love putting a big project together, especially a quilt, it makes me feel so accomplished to finish something in an afternoon.  And it is also good to learn sew other things than quilts.  Let the compulsive crafting continue!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Vintage Sewing Basket Collection.

I had a visit with my Aunt [Ann] this weekend.  She had a few old crafty items [and supplies] to gift to me.  [Thanks again woman!!]
This one reminds me of a picnic basket.  My Aunt said this one is really old. 
 This one reminds me of a tackle box; sewing style.  I just love the construction of this one.
As I was cleaning them out and sorting through the contents, I found two zip lock bags [sandwhich size] full of wood spools.  I'm working on getting a couple of old mason jars from my Mims to display them in.  I may have jumped and squealed when I discovered them.
My entire sewing collection.  The basket with green hearts was a christmas gift from my Mims.
As always, cats will be curious.
Sometimes you don't even mean to start a collection; the collection just finds you. My sewing baskets went from one to three very quickly.  The husband just shakes his head at my many collections!  However, I believe a sewing basket collection is very fitting for someone like me.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Shower Curtain Refashion; Ruffles!

Another project finished; my compulsive crafting is out of control lately.  I tried my hardest this weekend to focus on things less crafty.  My arms, wrists and hands have been really sore and achy lately, so I was trying to give them a break.  I weeded and watered flowers, cleaned [and I mean cleaned] the kitchen and the bathroom.  Alas, I still had an entire afternoon ahead of me.  So I thought, might as well finish making the ruffles for the shower curtain.  In no time they were finished so I decided to start pinning the remaining ruffles to the curtains.  Then that was finished so I decided to start sewing them on.  I get all but two ruffles sewed on.  This process maybe took 2 hours.  I then spent most of the evening reading and watching TV.  The next morning the husband does the weekly grocery shopping.  I do a few chores, the whole while my brain is nagging at me to finish sewing on those two ruffles.  I run upstairs and within 20 minutes it is finished.  I hang it and as I’m admiring my work, the husband is back with groceries. [Isn’t my life exciting?!]
I am in love with how this project turned out.  My Mims had given me some old eyelet curtains she was no longer using to cut up for fabric scraps to make rag rugs, which I never got around to cutting up.  I was searching through my stash[es] for some white sheet fabric when I ran across these curtains.  They were way too long, so I did have to shorten them.  I was so excited when I came across the curtains.  It saved a quite a few steps when it comes to just making the curtain parts.  I then added rows and rows of ruffles. And Tada!
However, now that I made 3 separate ruffles projects, I never want to make another ruffle again.  Although, on a side note, I do have a few ruffles left over, or parts of ruffles.  I'm thinking some pillow shams are in order.  [I just can't waste the ruffles!]
 I was also able to make 4 more crocheted washcloths and made more progress on my spring sampler from Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery [I’ve been meaning to show my progress…getting cute!!!].  All of this was completed and I was seriously trying to craft less!!!  I feel like I am compulsively crafting everything.  I don’t mean too, then I look up and I have another finished something or another.  My love from crafting is starting to turn into a sickness! 
It also seems like when I craft, I craft big.  I don’t seem to make a lot of smalls.  My goal for the summer is to work on some smaller sewing projects.  I have plenty of quilts and bedding items [although, I have plans for some Velcro bedskirts…the projects literally never stop!] for the moment.  I have a few ideas for some small projects so hopefully I can meet my goal.