Thursday, June 13, 2013

Vintage Sewing Basket Collection.

I had a visit with my Aunt [Ann] this weekend.  She had a few old crafty items [and supplies] to gift to me.  [Thanks again woman!!]
This one reminds me of a picnic basket.  My Aunt said this one is really old. 
 This one reminds me of a tackle box; sewing style.  I just love the construction of this one.
As I was cleaning them out and sorting through the contents, I found two zip lock bags [sandwhich size] full of wood spools.  I'm working on getting a couple of old mason jars from my Mims to display them in.  I may have jumped and squealed when I discovered them.
My entire sewing collection.  The basket with green hearts was a christmas gift from my Mims.
As always, cats will be curious.
Sometimes you don't even mean to start a collection; the collection just finds you. My sewing baskets went from one to three very quickly.  The husband just shakes his head at my many collections!  However, I believe a sewing basket collection is very fitting for someone like me.

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Designed Decor said...

Love the old wooden spools! Those are hard to find in my area!