Tuesday, August 6, 2013

see yah later.

Social networking can be good and bad.  I have decided to remove myself from some of the social networking sites I currently belong too.  I have nixed twitter, facebook and now my blog.  I feel like I spend way too much time reporting on my life [and snooping through other people’s lives] instead of just living life.  I’ve been debating doing this with my blog for a bit.  I used to love reporting on all my craftiness and kitty cuteness, but now it feels more like a chore than anything else.  And honestly, if I’m going to blog, I don’t want to do it half assed; I want to have both feet firmly planted in the blogs [which have been seriously lacking care and consideration lately].  I feel like the time I used to spend blogging is better spent crafting, reading or loving on the kitties or just living my life.  I am retaining the following social networking sites, so feel free to find me there:
Instagram: gnomecat
Pinterest: Jen Mesger
Goodreads: Jen Mesger
It’s been real.

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chelseybell. said...


I will totally miss your blog, but I think a lot of people are slowly realizing that having an "internet life" is quite possibly one of the weirdest thing ever. I"m still on goodreads, so hopefully we can stay in touch there!